Gut Reaction: New Nine Inch Nails Video Plays On Video Game Urban Legend

There’s a couple of items to note with the new Nine Inch Nails Video LESS THAN which seems to also serve as the lead single for an upcoming EP later this month.

For one, the single seems to be way more hooky than the Not The Actual Events EP released last December which wasn’t bad by any means, but might have taken a few efforts for some fans to get into. Considering that came smack dab in the middle of retail hell where I witnessed a 65-year-old grandma cold-clock a 20 something Frat Bro for a 43 Inch TV and overnight shifts prevented me from frequenting bars to hinder my seasonal depression, I’d say Not The Actual Events was perfect mood music.

But it’s summer, rompers are in season for all, and a sweltering southern heat that could only be cured by an impeding Nuclear Winter calls for something with a little zip.

And LESS THAN has a type of With Teeth zip that I adore.

Secondly, the video is rooted on an urban legend about Polybius, an alleged game  from the 80’s in the arcades that was said to give players psychoactive problems.

I’d expect nothing less from the man that spent much of his downtime while touring in the 90s playing Doom, which led to him composing the music for Quake.

What I’m saying is a video like this not makes sense but should have come a long time ago.

Check out the video for yourself, though I promise there are no worries of night terrors or amnesia. Just maybe a hunger to devour the upcoming Add Violence EP on July 21st.


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